The Company

Kustom Power Solutions has been in business since 2014.  We bring 40 years of expertise in packaging, manufacturing of Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas Generators. Light Towers, Light Masts, Pumps, Power Units, and other Kustom-built products. Servicing Edmonton and Alberta area. Customer service is what we are about.



We carry-out general maintenance and major repairs on generators (John Deere & Kubota), light towers, pumps, diesel-fired heaters (Frost Fighter & Flagro), and light-medium duty trailers (hitches, fifth-wheels, & electrical).


Our product selection includes a range of 5kW - 100kW generators, light towers, cube towers, (Kustom) heaters, light masts, gensets, propane & natural gas generators, start panels, distribution panels, and transformers.


Check out our John Deere, Kubota, and Ford brand parts. We've got your resevoir tanks, electric fuel pumps, exhaust blankets, sound materials, batteries & disconnects, radiators, positive air shutdowns, and more!